Where comedy and music collide! Each month the cast of CRASH! invites their favorite musical artists to play their favorite songs, and then they improvise funny scenes based on the lyrics. Every show has a unique local artist to inspire Armando-style long form sets. CRASH! takes the stage on the 3rd Saturday of every month.





Catherine Schwartz, Ensemble

Catherine is from Austin, Texas but now lives in Nashville, a different bachelorette-party-littered, live-music-infused, hipster populated Mecca. You can see her performing with LOL Nashville, Infinity Etc., Crash!, or Freak Pony. Or standing by the bar eating other people’s popcorn. She isn’t particularly fond of these pictures of herself!










Dillon DavisEnsemble

Dillon Davis is a Clarksville, TN native who graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Theatre degree in 2016. Ever since he was born (a day heralded by many omens, blood red skies, talking ravens, people being frigtened by talking ravens) Dillon liked to make other people smile. As he reached adolescence (again heralded by talking ravens, who knew?) he discovered Theatre and short form improvisation and he was hooked. He formed his own troupe while in college, Theatre Improv Alliance, began learning long-form from the excellent teachers at Third Coast Comedy Club, and hopes to one day become a professional comedic performer. Maybe the ravens will be there for that, too. 






Emma SupicaEnsemble

Emma is originally from a town in Kansas which boasts one blinking stoplight. She received her undergraduate degree in music education from the University of Kansas, and has taught music at all levels for over 15 years. Emma currently serves as executive director for Unscripted, Third Coast's nonprofit project, and conducted her master's thesis study on how improv can be used as an applied method. She is a proud member of the first official graduating class of the Third Coast Training Center, and performs with Crash, The Varsity, Teeny Weeny Peeny shows, and Love Circle Variety Show. She loves games of all types, but does not "do well" with mascots.






Jacob MilsteinEnsemble

Knock knock, it's Jacob's turn! You're reading his bio now, so out of the way, comrades! Word after word of J A C O B, comin' at ya! You can just about feel the sweet mid-point of his bio shooting westward through your mind, right now! Yes ma'am, beg your pardon, how do you do! Originally from Oklah...











John IrbyEnsemble

John started laughing when he was 6, and decided to continue practicing this activity on into his adulthood. He studied the human art form of improv at The PIT and UCB, located in New York City, NY. He likes Triscuits for crunchy food, Gummy Bears for squishy food, and cows and chickens for chewy food. He likes some plants too, like Broccoli. He can be spotted performing with Crash!, Infinity Etc, and Johnny Carsick. Let him know where he can spot you.









Kim DalrympleEnsemble

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Kim got her start in comedy as part of Belmont University's best and only sketch and improv group, Fall Follies. She is proud to be in the inaugural class of graduates from the Third Coast Training Center, and currently a member of Third Coast house teams Crash! and Freak Pony. Kim is also the Assistant Producer of the annual Third Coast Improv Fest. Kim enjoys drinking prosecco and getting things in the mail. She lives in west Nashville with her fiancé, Danny, and their beloved dog, Hallie.








Matthew Milo, Ensemble

Matthew was born and raised in Southern California, and has been performing comedy for nearly 20 years! Having studied at The Groundlings Theatre, Upright Citizens Brigade, and trained under performers from nearly every major school of improv- he moved to Nashville in 2006, and soon began performing with ImprovNashville. Since then, he has taught improv for I.N, Fusebox, and Third Coast Comedy Club. He can be seen in The Love Circle Variety Show, COURT, The Teeny Weeny Presidential Peeny series, Women Crush Wednesdays, Late Night w/ Johnny Carsick, CRASH!, and Celebrity Crush.








Mike Garvin, Ensemble

Hailing from myriad corners of the Great American South, Mike is equal parts improv fan and trained practitioner. Exploding onto the stage as the runaway sheep in a Murray, Kentucky Christmas pageant, his training spans graduate studies in comedy and performance at Southern Illinois University to improv courses at iO in Chicago and Nashville’s own Third Coast. He has coached and performed with the troupes Community Floss and Cult of the Stage Monkey, and his celebrated duo Date Night with Mike & Eric has appeared at the Twin Cities and Dirty South Improv Festivals and in venues across the Midwest. In Nashville he performs stand up and storytelling, and leads unwitting patrons through historical tours of the area.







Sally Anderson, Ensemble

Sally Harvey Anderson is an actress and writer originally from Georgia. In addition to the cast of Crash! she has performed with Third Coast’s Mainstage and Freak Pony. She studied improv in Los Angeles at The Upright Citizens Brigade and The Groundlings Theatre, performing in theatres around Hollywood until moving to Nashville. Sally has a Master’s in Eng Lit from Belmont and started/currently runs the improv program at The 4th Wall Acting Studio. Her poetry book Nine Lives of Catfire was published in 2015 and she has plans to publish her second book in 2019. Check her out on Instagram @salharveya and @improvthe4thwall.







Scott Field, Ensemble

Scott Field loves everybody. He's annoyingly optimistic about people and situations and has gotten into trouble because of his open, tolerant disposition. Easy to laugh, Scott will make you think you're awesome even if you're not. A career classroom teacher in middle and high schools, Scott has a genetic goofball tendency which he honed at Improv Boston for seven years. He helped create the Improv Nashville Theater on 12th South and performed with Music City Improv before teaming up with Luke to open Third Coast Comedy. You can see him in Raccoon Log Ride, Celebrity Crush, Crash, Leone, and occasionally a Third Coast Comedy Show.







Shannon ClarkEnsemble

Shannon Clark is a multifaceted performer— performing in Crash!, LOL!, and Mainstage as well as acting in various stage productions around Nashville. Despite having several days to write this, she is deciding to write this at a trivia night hosted by none other than, Kim Dalrymple (Wednesday’s at 7 at Cafe Coco). Shannon says you should not be a jerk and keep on keepin’ on!










Steve Aron, Ensemble

Steve, a Chicago transplant, has been involved in comedy longer than he can remember, but that says more about his brain chemistry than his level of experience. He performs in Infinity Etc and Crash, as well as writing and performing in Johnny Carsick and the Teeny Weeny Presidential Peeny Show. His dad taught him to shave using a Lion King-branded practice shaving kit where the blade was a plastic leaf with a bug on the handle (available on Amazon).