The second Saturday morning of each month, the casts of Gnu Tales and Raccoon Log Ride put on an improv show for kids! $5 gets the whole family in the door for 2 fun and exciting shows! Runtime is about an hour with a short break between the casts.


Gnu Tales: A brand-new, never-before-seen fairy tale, created and acted out before your very eyes! Ages 5-12 (adults are welcome, too).

Raccoon Log Ride: This improvised woodland adventure gets everyone involved, and no two shows are ever the same! Best of all, kids from the audience have opportunities to play on stage!





Aleta Myles, Raccoon Log Ride

Aleta Myles is an Ohio native that moved to Nashville to discover gold. She found it. She has been acting professionally since 2009 on stages all over Nashville and on film. She joined the Third Coast comedy family in 2017 and struck gold once again. When she’s not manicuring her eyebrows she is writing and creating content for her YouTube and Facebook channels: AletaMylesTV. She wants you to know she loves you.









Dan Fairall, Raccoon Log Ride

Sprouted in Minneapolis, Dan began his search for the sun. In 1992 he budded his first branches and now he's a full fledged tree.
Nurtured by Western State of Gunnison Colorado and Iowa State University. He was watered by Spolin in Seattle and Upright Citizens Brigade and The Magnet Theater in New York. He has performed all over the country as an actor and has landed at Third Coast for some nutrients.  He believes in patient, grounded play, but has been known to pop off into wild absurdity and dark humor. He is inspired by you, please don't stop.








Dylan Kinney, Gnu Tales

Dylan accidentally began his improv career in 2003, when he registered for (and won) the first annual "Mr. Star Wars" contest at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. In the fifteen years that followed, he performed hundreds of shows with multiple teams in the Nashville area. He met his wife while he was performing improvised Shakespeare at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. His two daughters are his inspiration to coach and perform the improvised fairy tale show "Gnu Tales" for families with young children of their own.











Edd Garcia, Gnu Tales

Edd Garcia has been performing improv professionally in Nashville since 2013 and has been doing theatre for young audiences since 2009. You can periodically catch him performing with Music City Improv, Love Circle Variety Show or in Secret Handshake with his fellow Gnu-tonian (and BEST FRIEND), Molly Kemp.












Eric Vinson, Raccoon Log Ride

Born in Kansas City but raised in the Carolinas, Eric is equal parts blue-collar and southern gentleman. Eric moved to Nashville in 2001 for college and wasted no time in his pursuit of the Music City Dream: full-time waiter, part-time aspiring songwriter. He spent years traveling as an artist all over the US, and has had songs placed on TV shows like "Pretty Little Liars," "The Middle," and "Brothers and Sisters." Eric has spent the majority of the past 10 years in elementary education, simultaneously trying to make the kids laugh and teach them to read good.











Gabrielle Saliba, Raccoon Log Ride

Gabrielle is, unfortunately, married to Scott. Their's is a fruitful marriage, with many a stupid thing being born between them. Raccoon Log Ride is one such fruit (more of a vegetable, really). When she's not conceptualizing children's comedy with her husband or crafting dancing tacos from felt, you can find her leading movement and dance classes at her studio, A.M. Nashville. She is also the proud owner of a pretty solid post card collection, once went down Michigan Avenue on the back of a convertible Rolls-Royce with a Dennis Rodman impersonator and can remember three of the French words she learned in high school.







Jill MothershedRaccoon Log Ride

Jill has been performing improv for over 10 years, and it all began with a free workshop with Improv Nashville. These days, you can see her onstage with Music City Improv and the Love Circle Variety Show. Of course, nothing compares to being part of the frisky ensemble in Raccoon Log Ride where she can, sing, dance AAAAAND improvise.












Mary Claire Reynolds, Gnu Tales

Mary Claire grew up in Nashville, so it’s unsurprising that her first professional acting gig at age 14 was playing a mermaid in a country music video. Many moons later, she got her start in live improv while she was in Chicago for a commercial casting & decided to sign up for a Second City intensive on a whim. Hooked, Mary Claire went on to train at UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. While in LA, she performed with her long form team Bacon Marmalade all over town including the iO West and the Clubhouse stages. Upon her return to Nashville, she jumped into all the improv she could find and now she’s super excited to be playing the Third Coast stage with Freak Pony and Gnu Tales. When Mary Claire is not on stage, she can be found chasing her two preschool age daughters around and/or staring into an empty mug, wondering why the coffee’s already all gone. And she always double knots her sneakers.





Mike Garvin, Raccoon Log Ride

Hailing from myriad corners of the Great American South, Mike is equal parts improv fan and trained practitioner. Exploding onto the stage as the runaway sheep in a Murray, Kentucky Christmas pageant, his training spans graduate studies in comedy and performance at Southern Illinois University to improv courses at iO in Chicago and Nashville’s own Third Coast. He has coached and performed with the troupes Community Floss and Cult of the Stage Monkey, and his celebrated duo Date Night with Mike & Eric has appeared at the Twin Cities and Dirty South Improv Festivals and in venues across the Midwest. In Nashville he performs stand up and storytelling, and leads unwitting patrons through historical tours of the area.







Molly Kemp, Gnu Tales

Molly is a Nashville transplant from a small town in northern Connecticut. She caught the improv bug over a decade ago and hasn't been able to shake the habit since! By day she works for a private preschool company, and she's excited to have the opportunity outside of work hours to positively impacting the lives of young children through the magic of improv.










Patrick Shaffner, Raccoon Log Ride

Somewhere, out there, Patrick Shaffner is.














Ryan Citrino, Music Director

As a music director, he accompanies The Third Coast Comedy Show and Music City Improv. As a performer, you can see him competitively “doing them goofs” with house team Infinity Etc. As a musician, he plays regularly with a variety of acts throughout the Southeast region while simultaneously yelling that his EP is going to come out soon.










Scott Field, Raccoon Log Ride

Scott Field loves everybody. He's annoyingly optimistic about people and situations and has gotten into trouble because of his open, tolerant disposition. Easy to laugh, Scott will make you think you're awesome even if you're not. A career classroom teacher in middle and high schools, Scott has a genetic goofball tendency which he honed at Improv Boston for seven years. He helped create the Improv Nashville Theater on 12th South and performed with Music City Improv before teaming up with Luke to open Third Coast Comedy. You can see him in Raccoon Log Ride, Celebrity Crush, Crash, Leone, and occasionally a Third Coast Comedy Show.