Global Travel Agency visits LOL Nashville


April 19, 2018: “A glorious improv show made up on the spot with the help of suggestions from the audience. This ensures that no two shows are ever the same. Featuring THE best improvisers in Nashville, this will have you falling off your chair laughing.”

We are pretty ecstatic and happy with this recommendation by Flight Network. Our goal has always been to make our guests laugh and create awesome comedy nights in Nashville for the people. So of course we are not surprised that Flight Network, a leading global travel agency, has featured us in their recent blog post describing how to spend 72 hours in Nashville. Flight Network created this post to advice people on what not to miss out on while spending time in Nashville. And despite this being one of the coolest cities in the world with endless shows to see and things to do, we were specifically chosen by the travel agency. So come on down and catch a show, we will absolutely live up to Flight Network’s promise that you will fall off your chair laughing!