Infinity Etc. is a fast-paced improv battle, pitting performers against one another to earn points and ultimately decide a champion! The show's host forces the troupe through a gauntlet of short form games, a smattering of spontaneous challenges, and a single long-form piece to determine who that show's winner will be. The show is completely unscripted and relies on the audience for suggestions, cheering, and even booing! Infinity Etc. performs on the third Friday of each month. Strap in; this is one wild show!





Bill Hillsman, the "Host"

Bill wears a lot of hats around here, but his biggest and best hat represents performing at Third Coast Comedy Club. Other hats include: producer (Third Coast Short Film Showcase), director (Infinity Etc. Improv), bartender (The Bar at Third Coast), media lead (The Far Booth), and crash test dummy (Redbull Flugtag). Bill loves the concept of hats, but hates to physically wear one.










Catherine Schwartz, the "Visiting Professor from University of Hamburg"

Catherine is from Austin, Texas but now lives in Nashville, a different bachelorette-party-littered, live-music-infused, hipster populated Mecca. You can see her performing with LOL Nashville, Infinity Etc., Crash!, or Freak Pony. Or standing by the bar eating other people’s popcorn. She isn’t particularly fond of these pictures of herself!










Charlie Allenthe "Screeching Little Imp"

Charlie Allen is the small one. 














Emily Logginsthe "Unidentified"

Bio coming soon!











Isaac Kirkthe "Unidentified"

Isaac was born and raised in Nashville, TN, and upon turning 18 left and never returned. He once did a sports thing at a liberal arts college and they gave him a degree. Isaac then chose to continue his studies in Santa Barbara, California.

 In addition to creating people (he has done so successfully 3 times), he has created movies, TV, & improv, less successfully, all over the country. In May of 2017, he and his family returned to the Nashville, where he immediately began studying and performing at third coast comedy club! His skin has never been shinier.  









Jacob Milsteinthe "One On The Left"

Knock knock, it's Jacob's turn! You're reading his bio now, so out of the way, comrades! Word after word of J A C O B, comin' at ya! You can just about feel the sweet mid-point of his bio shooting westward through your mind, right now! Yes ma'am, beg your pardon, how do you do! Originally from Oklah...











John Irbythe "Unidentified"

Bio coming soon!














Jones Kolbinskythe "Anti-Culturalist Psychonaut"

Frankly put, Mr. Jones C. Kolbinsky is a well-oiled, slicked back, chill-ass, heavily-moistened, comedic joke making MACHINE. After deciding to attend Belmont University, Kolbinsky moved from Atlanta to Nashville with pep in his step, juice in his caboose, and gusto in-tow. He hopes you like him as much as his lovely mother "Emily" does. In addition to comedy, Jones writes songs, sings, plays guitar, composes chamber music, plays drums, plays piano, plays the mandolin, growls in a metal band, plays the bass, and plays other percussive/percussion-based instruments. Kolbinsky will surely be REMEMBERED by time and culture through his art, much like his heroes Ronald Reagan and Henry Kissinger. West Atlanta till I die. Please read Ishmael and the Tao-Te-Ching before you die.





Katie Davisthe "Well-Meaning Flake"

Katie is a sweet ole Georgia peach turned Nashvillian after she moved here three years ago to go to Belmont University. Since then, she has become a member of Belmont's sketch and improv group, Fall Follies, and studied at the UCB in LA and NY. She has been thankful to have Third Coast Comedy Club as a space where she has been able to play on indie and house teams, one of which is Infinity Etc! Katie enjoys doing things that are free and also involve free refreshments. She doesn't really like eggs, but she wishes she did. Maybe one day.









Ryan Citrino, the "Mild-Card"

As a music director, he accompanies The Third Coast Comedy Show and Music City Improv. As a performer, you can see him competitively “doing them goofs” with house team Infinity Etc. As a musician, he plays regularly with a variety of acts throughout the Southeast region while simultaneously yelling that his EP is going to come out soon. As a lover, he is gentle.










Ryan Leyhue, the "Unidentified"

Bio coming soon!












Steve Aron, "Steve"

Steve, a Chicago transplant, has been involved in comedy longer than he can remember, but that says more about his brain chemistry than his level of experience. He performs in Infinity Etc and Crash, as well as writing and performing in Johnny Carsick and the Teeny Weeny Presidential Peeny Show. His dad taught him to shave using a Lion King-branded practice shaving kit where the blade was a plastic leaf with a bug on the handle (available on Amazon).









Susan Gleiserthe "Unidentified"

Bio coming soon!