A Nashville favorite! Every part of every show is unscripted and made up on the spot with the help of suggestions from the audience–no two shows are alike. The group is known for its hilarious, fast-paced short-form (as seen on ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’) and unique long-form improv styles. LOL Nashville takes the stage on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. Tickets go quick, so grab yours today!





Aleta Myles, Ensemble  

Aleta Myles is an Ohio native that moved to Nashville to discover gold. She found it. She has been acting professionally since 2009 on stages all over Nashville and on film. She joined the Third Coast comedy family in 2017 and struck gold once again. When she’s not manicuring her eyebrows she is writing and creating content for her YouTube and Facebook channels: AletaMylesTV. She wants you to know she loves you.









Allison Summers, Ensemble  

Allison was born and raised in Mount Juliet, TN. She graduated from the University of Maryland and studied improv at The Second City, UCB, and iO West. She has performed at numerous improv festivals across the country with her one woman show, “Collections”. You can watch her on Netflix in Hollywood Sex Wars where she plays the adorable, fun loving, and homeless crack head, Ash. She also performs regularly with LOL Nashville. Allison fears Raw Head Bones.









Bill Hillsman, Ensemble

Bill wears a lot of hats around here, but his biggest and best hat represents performing at Third Coast Comedy Club. Other hats include: producer (Third Coast Short Film Showcase), director (Infinity Etc. Improv), bartender (The Bar at Third Coast), media lead (The Far Booth), and crash test dummy (Redbull Flugtag). Bill loves the concept of hats, but hates to physically wear one.










Catherine Schwartz, Ensemble

Catherine is from Austin, Texas but now lives in Nashville, a different bachelorette-party-littered, live-music-infused, hipster populated Mecca. You can see her performing with LOL Nashville, Infinity Etc., Crash!, or Freak Pony. Or standing by the bar eating other people’s popcorn. She isn’t particularly fond of these pictures of herself!










Dan Fairall, Ensemble

Sprouted in Minneapolis, Dan began his search for the sun. In 1992 he budded his first branches and now he's a full fledged tree.
Nurtured by Western State of Gunnison Colorado and Iowa State University. He was watered by Spolin in Seattle and Upright Citizens Brigade and The Magnet Theater in New York. He has performed all over the country as an actor and has landed at Third Coast for some nutrients.  He believes in patient, grounded play, but has been known to pop off into wild absurdity and dark humor. He is inspired by you, please don't stop.








Dillon DavisEnsemble

Dillon Davis is a Clarksville, TN native who graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Theatre degree in 2016. Ever since he was born (a day heralded by many omens, blood red skies, talking ravens, people being frigtened by talking ravens) Dillon liked to make other people smile. As he reached adolescence (again heralded by talking ravens, who knew?) he discovered Theatre and short form improvisation and he was hooked. He formed his own troupe while in college, Theatre Improv Alliance, began learning long-form from the excellent teachers at Third Coast Comedy Club, and hopes to one day become a professional comedic performer. Maybe the ravens will be there for that, too. 






Drew WatsonEnsemble

Bio coming soon!














Isaac KirkEnsemble

Isaac was born and raised in Nashville, TN, and upon turning 18 left and never returned. He once did a sports thing at a liberal arts college and they gave him a degree. Isaac then chose to continue his studies in Santa Barbara, California.

 In addition to creating people (he has done so successfully 3 times), he has created movies, TV, & improv, less successfully, all over the country. In May of 2017, he and his family returned to the Nashville, where he immediately began studying and performing at third coast comedy club! His skin has never been shinier.  









Katie DavisEnsemble

Katie is a sweet ole Georgia peach turned Nashvillian after she moved here three years ago to go to Belmont University. Since then, she has become a member of Belmont's sketch and improv group, Fall Follies, and studied at the UCB in LA and NY. She has been thankful to have Third Coast Comedy Club as a space where she has been able to play on indie and house teams, one of which is LOL Nashville! Katie enjoys doing things that are free and also involve free refreshments. She doesn't really like eggs, but she wishes she did. Maybe one day.











Leigh Truemper, Ensemble

Leigh is from Little Rock, Arkansas and graduated from the University of Missouri. She got her start in improv at Third Coast Comedy Club after to moving to Nashville in September of 2017. It has since become a passion of hers, and she quite frankly can’t get enough of it. Third Coast Comedy Club is her favorite spot in town, and she can easily be wooed by a breakfast sandwich.











Elizabeth BanksCo-Director

Liz Banks has two loves in life: sandwiches and comedy. She began performing professionally at the age of 17, making her the funniest underage improv actress in Miami at the time. After moving to Nashville, she immediately became immersed in comedy. You may have seen here in the well-loved and short-lived sketch group, Blue Lotus Comedy. Feel free to show your appreciation for her performances by laughing, clapping, and bringing delicious sandwiches to share.










Luke Watson, Co-Director

Luke is the Founder of LOL Nashville and Co-Founder of the Third Coast Comedy Club. He got his start with improv in Atlanta, GA with an independent troupe made up of improvisers from troupes across the city. Luke is also the Founder and Executive Producer of Nashville’s Improv Festival, Third Coast Improv Fest.












Margaret French, Ensemble

Margaret is so excited to be a part of Third Coast Comedy Club! In New York she studied improv at the PIT and was a writer/creator of the sketch team " hot buffet" which still performs all around NYC. She is also a proud member of LOL Nashville. In addition to improv, she has studied and performed theater all over the country, appearing in various plays, musicals, oratorios and commercials--most recently she was seen as Marcy in Street Theater's production of "dogfight". And even more recently, she's been digging her role as 'mom' to her 2 baby boys. A big fat thanks to my husband for forcing me to audition for third coast when our son was five weeks old, and to anyone who babysat so I could rehearse. Thank you also to Mark Block at the Block Agency.





Mike Garvin, Ensemble

Bio coming soon!














Patrick Long, Ensemble

You may have also seen Patrick in Danger Jr. (Nashville). At 19, Patrick is pretty sure he’s the youngest improviser in LOL, but he’s not completely sure. (He is.) Being a Clarksville native all of his life, the bright, shining lights of Nashville’s improv scene beckoned him to the Third Coast Stage in late 2016, where he has remained since. Patrick enjoys singing and hopes to one day be a good dancer, though that likely will never happen. He is also in a band called The Low Blow and his mother hates the name.








Shannon ClarkEnsemble

Bio coming soon!














Mark Neglia, Music Director

Mark recently concluded a 10 year stint working for Second City Theatricals, performing in over 2,500 sketch and improv shows in that time period. Mark has also worked for The Second City National Touring Company, where he has co-written songs with Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Big Short), Neil Flynn (Scrubs, The Middle), Nancy Walls-Carell (The Daily Show), Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys) and Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live). Additionally, Mark has produced records for the New York artists “Marwood” and “Pawnshop” and has been a music producer for corporate clients IBM, Boeing, and Nissan/Infiniti. Mark lives in East Nashville with whatever dog he happens to be fostering at the moment.






Ryan Citrino, Music Director

As a music director, he accompanies The Third Coast Comedy Show and Music City Improv. As a performer, you can see him competitively “doing them goofs” with house team Infinity Etc. As a musician, he plays regularly with a variety of acts throughout the Southeast region while simultaneously yelling that his EP is going to come out soon. As a lover, he is gentle.










Sandra Partridge, Music Director

Sandra lived in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Nashville in 1997, and she has worked as a dance accompanist and theatre musician with Boston Ballet, Vanderbilt University, and Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre. Sandra has the most fun performing when others on the stage with her are also having a blast, and she happily joined Nashville's comedy improv community in 2014 when she became the keyboard player for LOL Nashville. She is a long time Charlie Chaplin and silent comedy fan, and she loves comedians that talk, too.