Comprising teachers who have lived, performed, and taught comedy all over the country the Third Coast Training Center exists to cultivate well-rounded, highly-trained performers in the areas of improv, sketch, and stand-up.


  • Unless otherwise noted all classes are 2 hours long and each level lasts 8 weeks and cost $149
  • Missing more than two classes means you may be asked to repeat the level
  • Level 1 is required unless you have graduated from a formal training program; if you have questions please email
  • Third Coast is a safe, creative, and collaborative environment; any complaints to the contrary are dealt with immediately.


If you have any questions please email or call (615) 745-1009 for more information.



High School Improv ($199)

Each Semester, Third Coast Comedy Club puts together a team of high school players to perform in two shows. The group meets for eight practices in a fun, supportive environment. The class utilizes theatre games, scene work, and group exercises to teach the fundamentals of improvisational acting. Students will learn to listen, create characters, build scenes, and invent stories while learning to work as a team. Beyond comedic applications, students will also learn to relax and react on stage, develop more positive, open frames of mine, and strengthen leadership and communication skills.

Date: Thursdays, 3/23 - 5/11, with two performances TBD
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Instructor: Ryan King
Prerequisite: Must be a high school-aged student
Registration: Register now


Level 1: Intro to improvisation

No experience is necessary to learn the foundational ideas of listening, agreement, and shared construction that make improvisation so much fun to watch and perform.

Date: Tuesdays, 3/21 - 5/9
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Instructor: Grant Collins
Registration: SOLD OUT!

Date: Tuesdays, 3/21 - 5/9
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Instructor: Patrick Shaffner
Registration: SOLD OUT!


Level 2: Improvising as an ensemble

Once the basics are introduced we’ll want to move into group play as it’s part of what makes improvisation so electric. Give and take, balance, tempo, repetition, the discovery and constant unfurling of the moment; the stuff that might very well take you out of your comfort zone (which is ok).

Date: Mondays, 3/20 - 5/8
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Instructor: Luke Watson
Prerequisite: Level 1: Intro to improvisation
Registration: Registration is now closed


Level 3: Advanced Scenework

Deep dive into character work, scene mechanics, and in particular, acting. Grounded, well-acted scene work provides the context for finding, exploring, and heightening “the game” of the scene as well as a working understanding of when it’s time to edit.

Date: TBA
Prerequisite: Level 2: Improvising as an ensemble


Level 4: Forms

Each week a new form is introduced. The forms studied will incorporate all aspects of the training so far, in particular themes, patterns, and group work. This work provides the foundation from which the Harold is explored and original forms are created.

Date: TBA
Prerequisite: Level 3: Advanced Scenework


Level 4B: The Harold

Harold is widely considered a crown jewel of long form improvisation. It weaves together all of the skills a long form improviser acquires during their training and manages to be both strikingly simple and complex.

Date: TBA
Prerequisite: Level 4: Forms


Level 5: Performance

Students will get a chance to create and improvise original forms. The class runs 16 weeks. The first 8 classes are devoted to the exploration, creation, and refinement of an original form while the last 8 are performances of their work.

Date: TBA
Prerequisite: Level 4B: The Harold