Worst Case Scenario

Saturday, April 01
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
Worst Case Scenario presents:

Almost Off Book
An improvised comedy show where actors pretend to be actors pretending to be characters in a play. It’s their last rehearsal to spot check scenes before opening night, and they’ve *almost* memorized all their lines. When they forget and yell, “LINE!”, it’s up to you (the audience) to “remind” them what their line is.

We promise it’s less confusing than Inception, and with 60% fewer BWOOOOOOOMMMMMMPs.


Special guests Gnu Tales After Dark open the show!


Gnu Tales After Dark
Every second Saturday of the month Gnu Tales has been delighting audiences with improvised fairy tales created and acted out with the help of an audience full of kiddos. But when the sun goes down, the cast likes to dabble in the darker side of fantasy. Join them in creating a Grimm world full of wonder, vice, and probably lots of death in Gnu Tales: After Dark.