About Us

​Third Coast Comedy Club is the only brick-and-mortar comedy club in Nashville dedicated to improv comedy with improv shows every week. Our Third Coast Comedy Show is cast from improvisers trained all over the country (LA, NYC, and Chicago). In addition, we serve as a home to local comics with the mission of providing a stage for every type of comedy (stand-up, sketch, improv, variety, experimental, etc.). We operate on a season schedule (Jan.-April, May-Aug., Sept.-Dec.) with about 150 shows per season. This robust schedule means we have shows nearly every night of the week. In addition to performances, we have a training center for improv, stand-up, and [soon] sketch.


Luke Watson and Scott Field started Third Coast one night after wrapping up an improv class they were co-teaching. The two got to talking about the constant challenges of contracting with different venues each month for shows and of the frustrations with growing a larger, more integrated comedy community.

Nashville comics have been performing at venues built for music or for serving food, or coffee, or beer. The locals never had their own place. Third Coast Comedy was the solution, a home for all local comedians, a place that would produce every form of comedy: stand-up, sketch, improv, comedic plays, variety shows, live podcasts, and talk shows. Any type of comedy Nashville wanted, Third Coast would see that it got on stage.​

This club would not have been possible with the amazing donors and contributors (full list HERE) that helped us get through the buildout. In April of 2016 we launched a Kickstarter (with a cast, crew and 50+ extras) that ended 30 days later with 211 backers pledging $32,480.

The Founders

Luke performed in Atlanta, GA before moving to Nashville. He founded LOL Nashville in 2013, one of the most successful troupes in the city. They’ve sold out nearly every show in venues such as The Basement, 12th & Porter, and City Winery. Luke is also the Founder and Executive Producer of the Third Coast Improv Fest.​

Scott performed with Improv Boston before moving to Nashville in 2004. He co-founded Improv Nashville, a company that went on to produce improv and sketch shows from 2005 to 2009. In its last year, the company leased a space it built out as a comedy theater on 12th South–earning rave reviews for its Christmas sketch show and the very popular Life Interrupted improv show featuring local celebrities. He now directs and performs with Music City Improv, the longest-running improv show in Nashville.

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