You Had to be There

You Had To Be There is an improvised comedy show in which a storyteller tells personal stories that provide the inspiration for the comedy scenes that follow. This cast, made up of some of Third Coast Comedy Club’s most accomplished performers and a fabulous guest storyteller, will fill your night with inspiration and laughter.


Amelia Rossettie, Ensemble
Hailing from New York, Amelia moved to Nashville, TN in 2018 to pursue music and simultaneously discovered improv. Amelia dove head first into the Third Coast scene as a bartender, student and performer. As a lover of inside jokes, the name “You Had To Be There” was an instant intrigue! Not to mention, some of Amelia’s favorite fellow improvisers are in this cast. She can’t wait to join the team!

Carley HaggertyEnsemble
Carley Haggerty was born in the late 1900’s in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Her first introduction to theater was auditioning for “Our Town” in freshman year of high school, only to realize that there was an expectation of memorizing lines. She spent many years wearing black and painting scenic rocks in the stage crew and then a decade later found improv comedy- where there was a delightful lack of memorization needed and an outlet in which to get WEIRD. You can see Carley perform in You Had to Be There, and musical teams Cherry Bomb and Off Broadway. Outside of improv Carley is a visual artist and animator.

Caroline ConnorEnsemble
Actor-turned-programmer-turned-musician-turned-improviser Caroline wears many hats, much like that one Dr. Suess character. As a lifelong nerd and overachiever, she prides herself on her sudoku skills and inability to have any chill. From 2019, she would sit in the audience with an X on her hand saying “I can do that!” Lo and behold, now she does, and you can too.

Colin IrelandEnsemble
Being introduced to improv comedy via a sales team training, Colin found a world he wanted to be a part of. Comedy has always been a part of his life, but after finding a way to make it a *central* part of his life, so many doors have opened for him. New friends, new experiences, improved social skills, self discovery… these are just a few of the things that practicing and performing improv comedy has brought to Colin’s life.

Having been trained exclusively at Third Coast Comedy Club, Colin hopes to represent the club well. However, if he sucks, blame him and not the club (his words not ours). Colin truly believes comedy is good for the mind, body, and soul, and that if you are interested in taking a class or seeing a show, you should! Take a leap.

​​Emily SmithEnsemble
Emily prefers to be known as a Fanilow and Directioner. You can also catch her performing as one-half of Letters From Camp, and as a member of I Love You, Sheila Kansas. She is also co-producer of several shows including Springer!.

​​Haley Johnson, Ensemble
Self-described “Theatre Trash,” Haley Johnson hails from the Midwest and has a *subtle* accent to prove it. Haley loves performing in all sorts of things and especially enjoys improv and comedy. If you mention puppets or musicals, Haley will talk to you for much longer than you intended. “Yes, and” is one of her life mottos and she is so happy to perform at Third Coast Comedy Club! 

Isabelle PattonEnsemble
Isabelle was born and raised in the great state of Tennessee. She has been a theatre kid all her life and loves to make others laugh. Isabelle got her start in improv right here at Third Coast Comedy Club in 2021 and can’t seem to get enough. You can also catch her on stage monthly in ‘Improv Decathalon’. When Isabelle is not on stage playing make believe, you can find her camping in the woods, drinking a mezcal margarita, or hanging out with her adorable nieces and nephew.

Jack Stell, Producer, Ensemble
Jack Stell is a self described “cool dude” living in Nashville, TN.  A recovering musician, he currently performs sketch and improv comedy with Worst Case Scenario and You Had To Be There at Third Coast. When not making silly joke-em-ups on stage he really loves yoga, digging in the dirt and The Fast and The Furious movies. He rewrote this bio seven times and this is the best he could do.

Madeline FarrEnsemble
Madeline Farr dreamed for years of working in the music industry before packing her bags and launching her career in Nashville, only to discover that was totally boring and not fulfilling. Desperate for a different kind of creative outlet, she stumbled upon Third Coast Comedy’s special brand of improv comedy, so addictive, not even a pandemic could quell her interest. Since they couldn’t get rid of her, they decided to just cast her and let her perform her little heart out.

Maggie ThompsonEnsemble
Bio coming soon!

Nathan Clancy, Coach
Nathan has trained at and performed long-form improv at iO Chicago, the Annoyance Theater, and One Group Mind in Chicago, as well as at UCB Theater and the People’s Improv Theater in NYC including the notorious team, Herschel. He is also a co-founder, writer, and producer of the online sketch comedy group, Cedarville Comedy.

Nathan is a native Chicagoan now living in Nashville and really enjoys directing and performing in You Had to Be There at Third Coast Comedy Club.

Tanner Bryan, Ensemble
Tanner Bryan is a Tennessee native and life-long theatre baby who first fell in love with improv and sketch comedy performing with his college improv team in Massachusetts.  Since then, he performed at ImprovBoston before moving back to Nashville to return to his roots. He’s very excited to have recently joined the cast of “You Had To Be There” at Third Coast Comedy! If you really enjoy his performance, consider adding him on Venmo because cat food is getting expensive, and his cat Jalapeño is one hungry kitty.

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