What is the Cleveland project?

The Cleveland project is Third Coast Comedy Club’s commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation in Nashville’s performance art spaces via the energy of improv. We believe in the transformative power of play, and to that end, we are curating a BIPOC experience for the improvisational theater space.

All peoples are capable of creating art and participating in the discourse that innovation produces. This is an intentional step to ensure that the stages of Third  Coast Comedy Club remain reflective of the beauty, diversity, and nuance of the city that birthed us, Nashville, TN.

Taught by members of Third Coast’s faculty, the Cleveland Project meets weekly for 6-months and studies the fundamentals of improvisation. The next cohort begins January 14th. For more information or to express interest in joining, email Isaac Kirk, Director of Diversity & Inclusion at

“This class is life changing. Not just as an actor but as a human. I wish this class was a requirement in high school because holy guacamole…Life changing. Truly.” – Cleveland Project student

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