Improv Decathlon

Improv Decathlon is a brand new Third Coast show, where performers are spontaneously drafted to showcase their talents across a gauntlet of improv challenges! As team captains acquire points, they also acquire “wrenches” they can throw at their opponents to make their scenes even harder to pull off.

Come cheer on the winners, or laugh at the losers! Winning isn’t everything; it’s an accomplishment just to survive the Improv Decathlon!!


Andrea Ley“The One Who’s Secretly Gwyneth Paltrow”
Andrea is a writer of short stories, reader of long novels, and watcher of The Real Housewives. Hopelessly uncoordinated and romantic, she’d love to corner you and tell you how the soundtrack to Shrek changed music in media. Her friends find her very funny and her Dad finds that surprising. When she’s not taking photos of her Boston Terriers, Duke Ellington and Daisy Buchanan, she’s taking pictures of herself. Andrea is 5’8.

Arianna Guillard“The I Love Lucy Trivia Queen”
After performing in theater and improv back in high school in Maryland (still claiming best state due to snazzy flag and old bay, although defeated in United States of Improv), Arianna has been thrilled to return to the stage over the past two years at Third Coast Comedy Club. Aside from performing, Arianna is also obsessed with I Love Lucy and Julie Andrews. She loves themed costume parties, binging the latest Netflix shows, taking about science and trying to make dogs (like Zappa) love her.

​Bekah Stogner“The Graphic Tee Connoisseur
Bekah is a funny person, a podcast host, a vinyl record collector, a professional Robin Williams fan, an eighth-grade emo kid, and an all-around good time. You can catch her around the club hosting the Triple Threat Cage Match or offstage on the Youth Group Survivor Support Group and Time Mousechine podcasts.

​Bill Hillsman, “That Guy”
Bill wears a lot of hats, but his biggest and best hat represents performing at Third Coast Comedy Club. Other hats include: producer (Third Coast Short Film Showcase), writer (Late Night with Johnny Carsick), director (Infinity Etc. Improv), bartender (The Bar at Third Coast), media lead / show manager (The Far Booth), and crash test dummy (Redbull Flugtag). Bill loves the concept of hats, but hates to physically wear one.

Briley Barnett, “The One Trying Not to Make a ‘Your Mom’ Joke”
Briley Barnett is the textbook definition of an enigma, if an enigma was a chronic over-sharer with little to no regard for their digital footprint. She’s been in and around improv since she was in elementary school and is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of things at Third Coast. She’s a Nashville native and was most likely a court jester in a previous life. Briley does not currently have any plans to overthrow the government. She spends her free time going to concerts, writing, and forgetting to do things she was supposed to do.

​​Corbin Eaton, “The One Who Needs a Ride Home”
2 spoonfuls of simple syrup, 3 dashes of aromatic bitters, a large ice cube, and 2 ounces of Woodford Reserve. If you stir this for one minute, garnish with an orange peel, and present it to Corbin then he will be a very happy little boy. In 2020, Corbin was awarded the ‘Key to the City’ of a small town in Southern Missouri and believes he will never top that so what’s the use in trying. Nowadays, he spends his retirement writing screenplays, making films, whittling, and taking care of Grandma, his 12-year-old Chihuahua. Corbin does not believe in taxes and thinks that Paddington 2 is the highest form of cinema. He will not be answering questions at this time.

Dillon Davis“The One with the High Charisma Score”
After a stellar little league career of being scared of a thrown baseball, Dillon found themselves in search of extra curricular activities. One fateful day, their friends invited them to try theatre and that was all she wrote. Dillon has been on stage performing and behind the scenes producing live entertainment for 14 years. They dabble in writing, producing, designing, acting, improvising, doing standup, and helping their friends realize their dreams. When they’re not doing that, they love to read comic books, high fantasy novels, play ttrpgs, or watch anime. They’ve also been known to dabble in woodworking. If Dillon had any advice to give comedians it would be this: “Support your friends and lean into the personality traits that you think make you weird. Those traits are what make you unique and we need more uniqueness on stage and in the arts.”

Isabelle Patton“The One That Got Away”
Isabelle was born and raised in the great state of Tennessee. She has been a theatre kid all her life and loves to make others laugh. Isabelle got her start in improv right here at Third Coast Comedy Club in 2021 and can’t seem to get enough. You can also catch her on stage monthly in ‘You Had To Be There’. When Isabelle is not on stage playing make believe, you can find her camping in the woods, drinking a mezcal margarita, or hanging out with her adorable nieces and nephew. 

James Kyson“The One Who Bungee Jumped 8 Times in the Same Day”
A native of NYC, James graduated from Bronx H.S. of Science, then went on to study communications & broadcasting at New England Institute of the Arts. After a stint in a hip-hop group in college, James moved to LA on a one-way ticket & a suitcase, where he began his training in music, dance, and acting. James is beloved to many for his 5-year run on NBC’s Heroes as ‘Ando’ and is next appearing in the feature Year 2, and was recently seen in Netflix movie Yes Day, and the HBO show Lovecraft County. His favorite hobbies include scuba diving and ultimate frisbee, and he loves playing guitar and the piano. His passion is to create media that promotes wellness, fitness, and consciousness.

Katie McDonald“The One Who Loves Florals”
In the summer of 2002 a young Katie McDonald was enrolled in theater camp. She quickly fell in love with everything the theater had to offer:  drama, comedy, and most importantly the uninterrupted attention that concluded in a family member giving you flowers. To this day Katie humbly accepts floral arrangements after each show to honor her inner theater child. She started her improvisational comedy career in 2016 and has loved every second of it. Katie has the absolute pleasure of joining Third Coast with the Main Stage and Improv Decathalon groups. She can also be found performing around town with Madam Improv.

Madeline Farr“The One That’s Trying Too Hard”
Madeline Farr dreamed for years of working in the music industry before packing her bags and launching her career in Nashville, only to discover that was totally boring and not fulfilling. Desperate for a different kind of creative outlet, she stumbled upon Third Coast Comedy’s special brand of improv comedy, so addictive, not even a pandemic could quell her interest. Since they couldn’t get rid of her, they decided to just cast her and let her perform her little heart out.

Maggie Thompson“The One Who Didn’t Respond to Max’s Email”
Maggie Thompson hails from a tiny township in northern Wyoming, where she learned the great arts of ice fishing, bear wrestling, and making damn good cheese. It’s been tough acclimating to a warmer clime where the fish, bears, and cheese are all far less hardy. When she’s not saying funny things on stage, you can catch her robbing banks and committing tax fraud (well, you can TRY). She’s thrilled to be in the cast and will probably send a bio soon…though it’s been over a year.

Meg Harkins“The One Who Can’t Do Math”
Meg Harkins was born and raised in Georgia where she spent many years performing—usually playing witches and b*tches and one rapping chinchilla. She also worked as a historical interpreter and guide and is passionate about museum education. Meg doesn’t like to brag buuuut she does like to tell anyone who will listen that she has a special thanks in a Ken Burns documentary. These days she can be found in her apartment crocheting and snuggling her beautiful cat daughter, Minnie.

Sam Brewer“The Real OG (Original Gamester)”
Sam is a Computer Scientist (he has been called a Mad Computer Scientist in the past). He currently teaches Computer Programming at the high school level. He’s been studying and performing improv since 2018 after he moved to Nashville from his hometown of Memphis, TN. His hobbies include Video Games, Tabletop Games, Card Games, Board Games, and… wait… it’s just games isn’t it. Sam is a Nerd, and proud of it!

Ty Sato“The One Who Wipes the Tables”
Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Ty is a lifelong comedy nerd turned improviser. He got his start directing sketch at Belmont University, and soon after graduated from the Third Coast Training Center. Ty currently pulls lights for every Third Coast show and is going for the record for “Most Improv Watched Annually.” In his free time, he directs and writes sketch shows, enjoys baking, and is the type of guy to bring a board game to a party.

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