Ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

Welcome to Cherry Bomb! Over the course of an hour, our cast improvises a completely unique musical from start to finish. How can you tell it’s improvised? The entire show is based on a suggestion given by you, the audience. From love ballads to dance numbers, Cherry Bomb delivers a wide variety of songs and scenes that come together as one cohesive story. Every week is a brand new show, full of perfectly unique songs and performances. It’s Broadway, NYC meets Broadway, Nashville! Come experience the awe that is musical improvisation!


Amelia RossettieEnsemble
Originally from Upstate New York, Amelia moved to Nashville, TN in 2018 to pursue her career in the music industry and continue writing and performing. Since music was making her so rich, she decided to try other types of art. Why not give comedy a whirl? As an improviser and musical theatre nerd, Cherry Bomb was the perfect fit!

Cammie YorkEnsemble
Cammie loves improv and loves singing so this kind of show makes total sense, right? Cammie has trained in Improv and Sketch comedy at UCB in Los Angeles, which cost a lot of money. Her voice is featured on a song in The Sims 4 game in the Simlish language and, no, she’s not making that up. It was really hard to do. She hates overhead lighting, loves the color orange, and her favorite movie is Beverly Hills Cop.

Carley HaggertyEnsemble
Carley Haggerty was born in the late 1900’s in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Her first introduction to theater was auditioning for “Our Town” in freshman year of high school, only to realize that there was an expectation of memorizing lines. She spent many years wearing black and painting scenic rocks in the stage crew and then a decade later found improv comedy- where there was a delightful lack of memorization needed and an outlet in which to get WEIRD. You can see Carley perform in You Had to Be There, and musical teams Cherry Bomb and Off Broadway. Outside of improv Carley is a visual artist and animator.

Caroline ConnerEnsemble
Actor-turned-programmer-turned-musician-turned-improviser Caroline wears many hats, much like that one Dr. Suess character. As a lifelong nerd and overachiever, she prides herself on her sudoku skills and inability to have any chill. From 2019, she would sit in the audience with an X on her hand saying “I can do that!” Lo and behold, now she does, and you can too.

​​Emma SupicaEnsemble
Emma Supica is from a tiny town in Kansas where everyone listened to country music, but she never listened to country music, except that it played in the one restaurant in town (a pizza place), which conditioned her to become hungry when hearing country music, and now she lives in Nashville. Ask her about Unscripted.

Erika BaileyEnsemble
Erika hails from the proclaimed land of Iowa, where many are known not for their comedic timing, but rather their hay bale toss stats. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with degrees in criminology and theatre, and has led shows such as Cabaret, Into the Woods, Hair, and Bright Star. Erika is a multi-instrumentalist and currently plays bass and writes music for her band, Oceana. Outside of music and improv, she spends her time hiking, running, cooking, and reinventing the banking industry (seriously).

​​Isaac KirkEnsemble
Isaac is an Actor, improviser, and community advocate, returning home to Nashville, from Santa Barbara, CA. While training under Peter Frisch, Head of Drama at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama & The Juilliard School, he became aware of the freedom the imaginative, risk-taking actor enjoys and the power that stories possess. This ethereal feeling of spontaneity led him to Tom Mueller, of The Ventura Improv Company and the study of Spolin. Along the way, Isaac has found success in numerous indie films, ad campaigns for Nike, and most recently on Chrisley Knows Best. He is thrilled to be integrating his culturally diverse approach (Blackness) into the Caucasian ubiquitousness (Hyper white space) of Improvisational theatre.

Joe Mobley, Ensemble
Originally from southeast Missouri, Joe Mobley is a recent graduate of Belmont University where he studied theatre and coping with sleep deprivation. When he’s not putting beans on a plate at Calypso Cafe, he’s probably teaching at the Nashville Children’s Theatre or playing a board game. Or a video game. Or a word game. You know what, he’s probably just playing a game. Joe is new to improv, but he’s trying his best!

​Kim HerrmannEnsemble
Originally from Dallas, Texas, Kim got her start in comedy as part of Belmont University’s best and only sketch and improv group, Fall Follies. She was part of the inaugural class of the Third Coast Training Center and went on to be cast in Third Coast house teams Freak Pony, LOL Nashville, and Crash! Nowadays, Kim’s stage time is mostly musical as a member of Cherry Bomb, where she identifies as not a “good” singer but a very enthusiastic one, which hopefully evens out. Kim also serves as the Board Chair for Unscripted, the nonprofit partner of Third Coast, as well as the Co-Producer of Third Coast Improv Fest. Outside of comedy, Kim works in marketing and lives in south Nashville with her husband Danny, son Cal, and dog Hallie.

​​Kirsten JacobsenEnsemble
Kirsten Jacobson tried improv on a whim by taking classes at Third Coast and discovered a love for creating stories on stage with friends. Kirsten often says that improv makes her a better attorney and an all-around better person. Beyond improvising and advocating, she loves cooking, learning new things, and her dog Lillian.

​Liz Berry, Ensemble
Liz has two loves in life: sandwiches and comedy. She began performing professionally at the age of 17, making her the funniest underage improv actress in Miami at the time. After moving to Nashville, she immediately became immersed in comedy. You may have seen here in the well-loved and short-lived sketch group, Blue Lotus Comedy. Feel free to show your appreciation for her performances by laughing, clapping, and bringing delicious sandwiches to share.

Max KempEnsemble
Max is a Nashville transplant from a small town in northern Connecticut. She caught the improv bug way back in 2007 and hasn’t been able to shake the habit since! She wears many hats at Third Coast, including performer, producer, coach, corporate trainer, improv instructor, and Assistant Director of the Training Center.  Musical improv is an especial joy of hers, so she’s thrilled to be a cast member of Cherry Bomb! You can catch her jumping at any opportunity to play a non-human character, climb the stage, or create ridiculous rhymes.​

Mick KhouryEnsemble & Producer
Mick Khoury has been compared to a golden retriever, and that is why he birthed Cherry Bomb- to improvise musicals that make people as happy as a big ol’ pup does. He loves when the team comes together to create some juicy rhymes and harmonies. When Mick isn’t playing with Cherry Bomb, he enjoys meditating, dancing, wearing breezy shirts, and maintaining the good vibes everywhere he goes. Mick does NOT like dirty dishes, toe stubbin’, sunburns, owning a television, or religious extremism. You can also catch Mick in the Third Coast Comedy Show or maybe in a Sonic commercial talking about bacon.

Mike GarvinEnsemble
Hailing from myriad corners of the Great American South, Mike is equal parts improv fan and trained practitioner. Exploding onto the stage as the runaway sheep in a Murray, Kentucky Christmas pageant, his training spans graduate studies in comedy and performance at Southern Illinois University to improv courses at iO in Chicago and Nashville’s own Third Coast. He has coached and performed with the troupes Community Floss and Cult of the Stage Monkey, and his celebrated duo Date Night with Mike & Eric has appeared at the Twin Cities and Dirty South Improv Festivals and in venues across the Midwest. In Nashville he performs stand up and storytelling, and leads unwitting patrons through historical tours of the area.

Natalie RankinEnsemble
Just like any other person who had to wear an eye patch to school every day for two years as a child to strengthen a lazy eye, Natalie developed a sense of humor and a beat-them-to-the-punch defense mechanism at a very young age. Those attributes have come in handy for things like social interaction, being an adult, and doing musical improv with Cherry Bomb. What she lacks in depth perception, she makes up for with a Musical Theatre degree and an okay Cher impression.

Seth GreenEnsemble
Seth Nathan Green was homeschooled from 2nd grade through all of high school. Having spent so much time alone with nothing but his own imagination, spontaneously breaking into song feels problematically natural to him. Cherry Bomb is either where his particular kind of derangement belongs or it is a cesspool of enablement that will ultimately sever what thin attachment to reality he has left.

Susan Gleiser, Ensemble
Originally from Dallas, Texas, Susan moved to Nashville in the fall of 2007 to attend Vanderbilt University. After spending an exorbitant amount of money on a degree in vocal performance, she now works in fundraising. Her three great loves are Disaronno on the rocks, eggs benedict, and Bill. She also loves compliments.

Ethan KruppDirector
Ethan followed a girl to Nashville, which sounds like the beginning of a country song, but joke’s on you—she’s a doctor and his mom is thrilled. He came from Chicago where he performed at Second City, iO, Annoyance, MCL, LOL, The Crowd, and maybe others but who knows. Ethan and his writing partner have written 3 full-length musicals which have been featured at Feinstein’s/54 Below (NYC), Chicago Musical Theatre Festival, The Den Theatre (Chicago), and in residency at Princeton University.

Alex Dolezal, Musical Director
Alex is a pianist, composer, and improviser from Cincinnati, Ohio (Who Dey!).  He’s been in Nashville for just over a decade. “Nashville is great! I haven’t found a reason to live… I mean leave!”. An avid disco fan, Alex is all about movin’ and groovin’. His credit score is 381. You can see him Musical Directing the Mainstage and Cherry Bomb shows.

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