You Had To Be There: Storytelling And Improv Comedy Hour

You Had To Be There is an improvised comedy show in which a storyteller tells personal stories that provide the inspiration for the scenes that follow. This cast, made up of some of Third Coast Comedy Club’s most accomplished performers and a fabulous guest storyteller, will fill your night with inspiration and laughter.


Laurel & Hardy. Key & Peele. Fey & Poehler. O’Hara & Levy. None of them were available but come see three different duos improvise a brand new show. May 5th LineupTy Sato & Seth GreenEmma Supica & Anne VealLuke Watson & Scott FieldStudents/improvisers are welcome to pair up and enter their names for a chance to perform second. See Ty at the booth for more info. 

The Improv Showcase

Come see a collection of some of the best long form improvisers in Nashville! Made up on the spot, based on your suggestions. No scripts, just fun. June LineupQuaker’s DozenObjection Your HonorTBD

The Deep End

Join us in the Deep End with some of the newest, most exciting improvisers at Third Coast. The show changes format every few months so come and come often.

Stoned Cold Sober

Come join us for the most intoxicating comedy competition. Stoned Cold Sober is a team battle where each team consists of 1 sober comic, 1 tipsy comic and 1 stoned comic. Each round will see the differing inebriated comics go head to head with 10 minute sets, the sober face off against the sober, drunk vs drunk, high vs high. After both comics try their best on stage, the audience votes on which set was better. Best 2 out of 3 wins and that team will receive their championship rings! Come help us weed out the lightweights! Sponsored by Cali Sober.

Spotlight Series: Marcus Lustig

Mark Anundson is that one comedian that you went to see a long time ago but now you can’t remember his name but you do remember he had a joke about a walrus or something.  Audiences have been laughing and immediately forgetting about Mark’s comedy sets for years!  If you like your comedy chock full of one liners, insults and absurdities then be sure to check Mark Anundson out at your local comedy club or pub.


This is the show you’ve been looking for. The cast of seasoned performers combine classic game show competitions with crowd favorite improv and mix in a few drinking games along the way to make for a sloppy good time.    Improv + booze = SMASHED. 

Psilo Comedy

 The best comedians in Nashville hitting the stage to deliver the trippiest comedy you’ve ever witnessedFeaturing Brad Sativa, Amber Autry, Fiona Cauley, Jimmy Hatcha, and Sleezy. Hosted by Justin Wagner

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