Training Center Instructors

Our training center is proud to have some of the best-trained teachers in Nashville that have received their training all over the country (literally) including: The Second City (Chicago and LA), iO (Chicago), UCB (LA), The Groundlings (LA), The Annoyance Theatre (Chicago), Four Day Weekend (Dallas), and ComedySportz.

Grant Collins headshot


Grant is a Portland, TN native who has studied all things comedy in Chicago for the past eight years. He is a graduate of iO, The Annoyance, The Second City Conservatory, Second City Writing Program, and The Second City Musical Conservatory. While in Chicago, he played on several iO Harold teams, a ComedySportz Chicago House Team, and teams at The Playground, MCL, and Under the Gun. Grant is excited to be back in Tennessee, sharing and teaching the art form he loves so much.

Dan Fairall headshot


Dan trained as an actor and was drawn into improv in 1993. He studied Spolin in Seattle with Gary Schwartz of Improv Odessey, and is a graduate of Upright Citizens Brigade, and The Magnet Theater. He comes to Third Coast after performing weekly in New York for fifteen years. His biggest influences have been Gregg Henry, Christopher Bayes, Owen Burke, Pat Shay, Kevin Mullaney, Meagan Neuringer, and of course Armando Diaz. He is thrilled to be here and pass along all that he has learned, and looks forward to meeting you.

Scott Field headshot


Scott Field studied at Improv Boston (Boston) where he was a player with the mainstage, performing hundreds of shows in a five year period. After moving to Nashville (Nashville) in 2004, he co-founded Improv Nashville (Nashville), which opened a venue on 12th South in 2008. Most recently, Scott has taught for and performed with Music City Improv (Nashville), Street Theater (Nashville), and is directing The Third Coast Comedy Show (Nashville).

Brandon Gibson headshot


Starting stand up at the age of 14, Brandon was setting the stage for what has become a very successful career in Hollywood. After spending over 15 years on the road as a headlining stand up comic, he moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in Second City. Getting a taste for improv in his mouth and finding quick success in that world, he continued running the improv gauntlet through The Groundlings and ACME, and performed in countless shows at IO, UCB and Comedy Sportz. Using these improv chops, Brandon has found success in Hollywood television and film, nailing principal roles on some of television’s top shows such as Fresh off the Boat, Life in Pieces, Blackish, NCIS, Disney’s Austin & Ally, and Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Awards, and also got to fulfill a lifelong dream of working with the late, great Robin Williams on The Crazy Ones. Along the way, he has starred in over 50 National Commercials including recent work for Geico as the guy who chops wood with his bare hands. During this time, he found it very important to get involved on the teaching side and has created a very unique style of improv that has helped many artists go on to huge stages, festivals, television and film.

Matt Jackson headshot


Matt is a transplant from Orange County, CA. He has studied improv at The Groundlings, UCB, and iO Chicago. Over the years, Matt has been an active part of Nashville’s growing comedy scene performing and teaching with Improv Nashville, Fusebox Theater Company, and S2 in Louisville KY. He is currently a house performer at Third Coast Comedy Cub; playing in The Love Circle Variety Show, Court, Crash, and Celebrity Crush. He is excited to bring his passion and experience to Third Coast’s Training Center.

Molly Kemp headshot


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

Molly is a Nashville transplant from a small town in northern Connecticut. She fell in love with improv over a decade ago and has been learning, performing, and teaching every since. She passionately believes in improv as a unique, raucous, life-changing celebration of the human experience. Ain’t got no fancy schoolin’, just a plethora of workshops, scores of shows, a smattering of festivals, and a whole lot of life to share.

Mark Neglia headshot


Mark recently concluded a 10 year stint working for Second City Theatricals, performing in over 2,500 sketch and improv shows in that time period. Mark has also worked for The Second City National Touring Company, where he has co-written songs with Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Big Short), Neil Flynn (Scrubs, The Middle), Nancy Walls-Carell (The Daily Show), Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys) and Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live). Additionally, Mark has produced records for the New York artists “Marwood” and “Pawnshop” and has been a music producer for corporate clients IBM, Boeing, and Nissan/Infiniti. Mark lives in East Nashville with whatever dog he happens to be fostering at the moment.

Sean Parrott headshot


“I’m a weird guy but I come by it honestly, because my Mom is a weird guy too.” For quite some time now, Sean Parrott has been bringing his charismatic stage presence and a unique point of view to comedy clubs and bars all over the Southeast. Brought up on Bugs Bunny and Monty Python, Sean is an observational absurdist with a keen eye for finding the humor in everyday life; our language, our friends and our jobs (What is the DEAL with those?) He has acted in award winning animated films (one was on the Independent Film Channel), appeared at the Wild West, Asheville and Memphis Comedy Festivals, and was picked as one of Nashville’s Funniest Comics by Reader’s Digest and East Nashvillian magazine. Energy, intelligence, and wry wit make Sean Parrott one of the best young comics working today.

Patrick Shaffner headshot


Coming soon... we hope.

Allison Summers headshot


Allison was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She studied improv in Los Angeles at The Second City, IO West, and UCB. She has over ten years of sketch writing and improv experience. She has written a one woman show, “Collections” that has been performed in Austin, Boston and LA. You can see her in the critically acclaimed film, “Hollywood Sex Wars”, where she plays everyone’s favorite neighborhood crackhead, Ash. Allison loves watching videos of people falling down but not like hurting themselves falling down, just like tripping and falling and getting back up.

Luke Watson headshot


Luke is the Founder of LOL Nashville and Co-Founder of the Third Coast Comedy Club. He got his start with improv in Atlanta, GA with an independent troupe made up of improvisers from troupes across the city. Luke is also the Founder and Executive Producer of Nashville’s Improv Festival, Third Coast Improv Fest.

Tim Yager headshot


Tim is an alumni of iO (Chicago), The Annoyance Theatre (Chicago), the Four Day Weekend training center (Fort Worth), and a son of Texas. In Chicago, Tim performed with two harold teams at the iO, The Rabble and RGB. In Dallas, Tim performed with ComedySportz DFW, Four Day Weekend, FIAD, Victory Point, Samurai Drunk and Kool Aid. In addition, Tim has taught at Four Day Weekend (Fort Worth), the Dallas Comedy House (Dallas), and Third Coast Comedy Club (Nashville).