Third Coast Teen Playshop (Ages 13-17)

Saturday, May 18
Doors: 10am // Show: 10am
$12 to $16

AGES 13-17

Calling all teens! Join us for 90 minutes of improv games and exercises intended to entertain, challenge, and inspire. Led by improvisers with a passion for youth development and specially for ages 13-17, this is a space to allow teens to step out of their comfort zone, forge new friendships, and cultivate confidence in a fun, supportive environment. Class size is limited, so get your tickets soon!

Questions? Email Max Kemp at

Saturday, May 18th 10-11:30 a.m.


Q: Do I need any previous experience in theater or improv to attend?

A: Nope! Our workshops are designed for teens of all levels of experience—including none!


Q: I don’t consider myself “funny” or “clever.” Is this workshop for me?

A: Absolutely! Funny is not a goal; it’s an inevitable side effect of letting go and being yourself! One of the first things you’ll learn is “Don’t be clever!” Improv is about listening and responding honestly. It’s about being in the moment and connecting with your scene partners. Comedy is truth’s shadow. The laughter will come when you least expect it!


Q: I’ve heard improv has benefits for my day-to-day life outside of performing. Is this true?

A: Yes! The skills that make a good improviser also make a happier, healthier, more well-balanced person! Listening, confidence, mindfulness, team work, and thinking on your feet are just some of the many skills improv strengthens. Improv celebrates the awesomeness that is you, exactly as you are, and helps you be the best, most joyful version of yourself!


Q: This sounds like so much fun, but I’m a grown up! Can I stay and watch?

A: In order to create a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for the teens to feel comfortable letting loose and being silly, we do not permit an “audience” to observe our classes. We encourage the grown ups to take a stroll around Marathon Village where you’ll find plenty of fun shops and beverage tastings! And if you want to take classes yourself, Third Coast has a whole series of adult classes that you can sign up for at


Q: I have multiple children. Is there a discount for siblings?

A: Yes! Use the promo code SIBLINGS at checkout to get 25% off two or more tickets!

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